Release: Overview Stack (Free)

Sometimes you can’t avoid loooooong pages, right!
It’s easy to loose track working on those loooooong loooooong pages.

What if you could** compact all stacks with just one click?
And still be able to open all your stacks with just 1 click…
and then do your work on that stack.
Close it and work on the next… ?

That’s what the Overview Stack does.

To make it even better… or easier to keep track — to watch everything a little from above – add a note telling you what’s inside all the different compacted Stacks.

We often use the 1-column stack to group stacks making it easier to copy-paste groups of stacks. Use the Overview Stack instead… it has these extra power features.

Watch the video… to get an idea of how the Overview Stack can help you:

And then… give it a shot.
The Stack is free (maybe for a limited time > maybe for good > who knows).


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Download is not working here …

Same thing for me…

Look very useful BTW…

the link has “ftp.” at the beginning. Remove that and it works

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Nice utility, this will be helpful in smaller screens

Thank you. You’re right… forgot to replace ftp with www when copying the link from Cyberduck. It’s fixed now.

:slight_smile: happens to me with cyberduck too

From 9 am to 4.30 pm… no – make that 10 am I’m on a 27" iMac with two monitors attached > and I still needed a way to keep track on a site with loooong pages. Some stacks have bad habit of taking up extra space… slideshows, videos… stacks just take up a lot of a lot of space.

I had to deal with around 100 prices (maybe more) in different sections of the site – on two pages I needed to match… and I kept loosing track because of all the scrolling and switching pages… I had to do.

RapidWeaver can’t – yet – unfortunately open the same document in two different windows at the same time… that would help a lot working on large projects (RapidWeaver 7 maybe). But… the Overview Stack does a nice job > on one page at a time. Even large screens can feel too small every now and then.

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