Remember Simulator Windows

It would be really cool if RapidWeaver 8 remembered my simulator windows that I had open for a project. This way when I reopen it, I don’t have to reopen them all over again.

@joeworkman You know that you can save simulator window layouts? It’s pretty cool. Then you can restore those layouts. I love this feature – but it’s a bit hard to find and inconvenient to use…

So, I’m going to amp this feature request up a bit: :smiling_imp:

  1. I’d like to be able to set a specific layout as the default layout. So when I push the Simulate button in the toolbar it opens my default layout.

  2. I’d like the Simulate button to have a drop-down menu (maybe if you push the option key – sort of power user feature?) – the drop-down would list the layouts and let you choose a different one.

  3. If the Simulation windows were open when I quit RW, I’d like them to open again when I launch RW.

  4. I’d like command-line access to choose the layouts. This would be a powerful feature for doing automated testing. You could launch RW to a specific layout – take a snapshot – and quit. Compare snapshots to test for regressions. That would be bad ass.

But I’m going to diverge from Joe on one thing: I’d like layouts to be app-specific rather than project specific. The reasons is simple: I think layouts should be specific to the hardware the app is running on. On my tiny screen laptop I’m going to want very different layout positions than on my two 28" retina display desktop machine.

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Well I feel like an idiot now. Glad that I figure that out before the hangout tomorrow!

So I just did this…

  • Opened an existing project.
  • Click Simulator button in the toolbar
  • Opened a saved layout with 5 different simulators
  • All of them were blank until I previewed the project.
  • When I did preview the project, it seemed to export the page 6 times (watching the progress in the sidebar)

@joeworkman - i can’t duplicate that. as soon as i click Simulate the simulate window displays content.

does this happen no matter the page type? does it happen on a blank stacks page?

We made the decision to make it app based rather than project based, that’s why you can save sets. Seemed to make more sense and was more flexible.

I think 1, 2, 3 all sound like very doable and sensible things to add — I’ll see what we can do!

number 4 is badass, i’m tellin’ ya. :wink:

So that bug about the multiple simulator windows being blank. I think that it was this…

@joeworkman - i think it’s very important that when you submit bugs that you provide some idea about:

  • the content on the page
  • the render time

Those two things have a huge impact on RW behavior – especially now that everything is so unpredictably asynchronous.

Often your Foundation pages take seconds to render. That’s probably not going to be what someone like me or simon pulls up and tries first.

In this case, RW has a watchdog timer on render time. I suspect all those simulator windows are all trying to render – if they each take a while it might make them all fall over the watchdog-timer’s limit – then they all show as blank.

@simon - it might be helpful to provide the user with some feedback more than a blank page when render time falls outside of the watchdog-timer limits?

Obviously the better solution would be to just make stacks faster, or just cache preview content, or just make foundation stacks faster, or just do only one preview for all windows, or just design simpler pages, or … or a lot of things – but while render time is an an issue (hint: it has been since the Blocks days – users are like goldfish – the grow their content until they can’t) maybe providing an error message in the Preview window would be helpful.


I replied on the new thread since its specific to that topic.

Just a side note that I wanted to add… the new simulator windows seemed to be a hit on my hangout yesterday. I spent a lot of time on previewing your site yesterday.

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So, you see this blank-simulation window thing even on styled text pages with just a bit of text??? Does it happen often? What hardware?