Remove background

Hi, I’ve heard that it’s possible to remove the background around a central image - say a quilt that you don’t want all of the distracting stuff on a wall to show with the quilt. Will this program do that?


Let us see the image?

Here’s an example.

Try this?

or This!

Hi, I definitely know how to crop - do that all of the time. I’ve never heard of the second choice and will for sure try that out. Thank you!

Like that?
Done with preview.

Glad it helped. That looks really good.
The second choice works best with solid backgrounds and less well with complex backgrounds so it may be possible but not easy…
At some point you may want to invest in a good image editor of which there are a few. Pixelmator Pro is one that has a free trial and very good Help system so it might be worth trying.

Hi Vicci, try this? Remove Background from Image –

Very very nice! I’ll have to play with it.

I have photoshop, almost never use it. Preview works great

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