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Does any clever Rapidweaver out there know if I could replicate the behaviour of the mouse as per the web page below. The page appears to be divided into two fields, left and right, and the mouse icon changes according to its position on the page.

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That’s using the CSS cursor property, The example site is using this for the slideshow navigation.

This might Look olay on a desktop, but the cursor doesn’t show on most mobile devices, so in that respect, I’d give it a poor usability rating as the mobile market has no way to know how to advance the slideshow.

More on the Cursor Property:

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Thank you Doug for kindly giving your attention to this. I had thought of the mobile aspect. I would create a separate configuration of the page for mobile users.

As a book designer most of my prospective clients would view my site on a desktop or laptop computer and I do rather like the effect.

As a typographer and graphic designer I think the Cartlidge Leven website is a brilliant and inspirational piece of visual communication. I am also trying to replicate the irregular grid structure of another page on their site

Again, thank you!

I should have said touch devices not just mobile. iPad’s and other touch devices including windows tablets will have the same issue.

iPad’s are now using the same “user agent” as a desktop, so it would be difficult to make a special version that would included them.

A bit off-topic but, as a typographer and book designer myself, I’d say that website is a dreadful piece of ‘look at me!’ design. Chacun à son goût!

Hi Doug, I haven’t got an ipad charged up at the moment but looking at the site on a mobile device - they appear to have overcome that problem.

I see that you’re in Phoenix, believe it or not, 50 years ago (you probably weren’t even born) I was at school there. Phoenix Central High School.

Thanks again for addressing this.

Best wishes

Good afternoon Peter,

This forum seems to be awash with connections today. I also happen to be in Richmond.

Best wishes

Good to know! It’s a much nicer place to live now there are fewer planes around!

The entire web site is really cool. The home page opens to a video that appears to be a live video feed, and the “feed” content changes with each visit to the home page.

Great idea for a design firm. It highlights by demonstration what they do. Awesome.

Thanks for the comment David. Obviously a very bright team of designers working there.

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