Resources and FTP: wish

I expected that Resources is a kind of warehouse where I can put files that on the server are read by the RW-pages.
An example:
I placed a CSV-file into my Resources via RW, and linked it with the stack Table (CSV) - Foundry. Tehn I uploaded the project.
I guessed, when I place the updated CSV-file via ftp in the Resources-folder that the site page would be updated after refreshing it.

But it seems you can only update via RW.

Not sure what you’re saying. If you replace a file on the server, same name and same location, you shouldn’t have any problem with using it.

I don’t know how the stack you’re using is reading it, a URL in question would be helpful.

Make sure you have cleared the browsers cache, make sure you have the exact file name and location.

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It could also be that Cloudflare (if you are using that) is caching it too. It can be a few hours before updated files (like csvs) are reflected.

Also, you’ll need to be careful about re-publishing that page now in RW as i presume your updated CSV would get overwritten with the original.

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Ah, it is the browser cache. OK.

It works fine!

Thanks, @teefers

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