Run 2 versions of RW6, 1 for stacks 2.5 & 1 for stacks 3?

I had a fairly large project file with 20+ pages done in foundation 1.45 and stacks 2.5 and when I upgraded to stacks 3 foundation 1.5, there were a whole bunch of small things I had to revise (button groups, footer elements, etc.). Probably would only take a few hours, plus some time familiarizing myself with new site styles vs legacy site styles. Long story short, I needed to bang out some revisions to the project so decided to use time machine to revert back the app support folder in the container folder of library to get back to my original foundation and stacks. Going forward, is there a way to run 2 diff versions of RW6, each using a different application support folder so I can migrate my projects when I actually have some downtime, meanwhile playing with F1.5-stacks3? Before updating I mistakenly thought stacks 2.5 and 3 could coexist in the same install and I could upgrade projects at will. Thx for your help.

I would strongly urge folks NOT to do anything like that. It is very easy to get yourself tangled in knots. There are lot stacks that require Stacks 3 – once updated the content built with those can’t be easily migrated back – and finding older versions can be non-trivial.

In my opinion, the way is to move forward – but do it when the time is right for you.

That said, the one solution I have found that is rather foolproof in this regard is to keep a separate user account for the older version – as the developer I have no choice but to switch back and forth continually – and this is what I do. This will ensure isolation of not only the Addons folder, but also the files that you open with it.

Short of that, I think you’re really tempting fate – and I’d just urge a really solid hourly Time Machine backup. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Isaiah, thanks for your suggestion. I certainly don’t want to create issues, so I will try creating a new user account so as to run stacks 3 separately.

Is it possible to dump a copy of all the library app support settings (rw add-ons) into that user account or must I reinstall everything from scratch?

you can copy the whole RW addons folder.

i tend to zip the whole thing (takes a little while) then copy that and unzip it into place.

it should go without saying but…. it’s best if RW is not running while you’re doing these things.

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Thanks for the help, Isaiah. I will zip and copy addons. Also, I’m extremely impressed by your stacks 3 upgrade. Stacks is frankly the best reason to use rw for web development. Paul