Running project files from external SSD drive?

Have searched the forum but not quite found the answer so far…am setting up a new mac Mini (clean) and am happy to have the RW app and addons on the main drive (is only 256GB), so have another 500GB SSD external and want to put all the project files and assets on that drive? Is that OK? If I open the project and make changes will it save to the external drive? or do I need to change anything in preferences…

Also (an aside) can I back up this external disk alongside my main drive (to another larger 6GB beast!!)…Time machine etc
Thanks for any help/guidance

TimeMachine Absolutely.
Backblaze most definitely.
Etc. don’t know, it probably depends on what etc is.

I have tried keeping projects on an external running 8.1 beta, and haven’t experienced any issues. Others have tried and reported problems with sandboxing at least on earlier betas.

Thanks…I am not sure about ‘etc’ too! But Time machine will do just fine…:grinning::grinning:

In TimeMachine you have to make sure your external drives not excluded in preferences:

The only thing I’d say about project files on an external drive is to make sure the the connection is fast enough. Otherwise things will become painfully slow - opening or saving your work. I’ve tried working with some older project files that were on a USB-2 flash stick, and it didn’t really work that well.

If you’re using USB 3, USB-C, Thunderbolt or Firewire to connect to the drive, you should not hit any problems.

As @teefers shows, you can set Time Machine to backup your external drives too.

Everybody should use Time Machine or an alternative. There are still far too many RapidWeaver users NOT doing any-sort of backups - under a false pretence that Mac’s don’t get viruses or crash - or that the Apple Genius can fix anything that goes wrong. But I’ll save that rant for another day! :wink:

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@willwood Hi, its an external SSD drive through thunderbolt, so should be OK? Yes and thats why I want other backups!

No problem, an SSD + Thunderbolt is a perfect configuration. :+1:

I have many GBs of project files stored on a slower 4,500 RPM (spinning) external hard drive (a pair of them in RAID configuration). But because they are connected to the computer with a Thunderbolt 1 cable, the files open and save with only a marginal speed lag, compared to working with them directly on the computer.

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