RW 8.1 preview server issues (not path related)

@dan That issue with the preview of my email stacks is not path related. Inside preview it sends an Ajax call to %siteAssetPath%/inliner/markdowner.php. In the instance that I sent you, Stacks properly resolves that to be ../rw_common/plugins/stacks/inliner/markdowner.php

If the path did not exist, I would be a 404 response. However, that is not the case. I am getting the response from the php server. However, I am getting the raw PHP code returned, not what the PHP code would resolve.

This has worked great since launch. What else has changed with the PHP server in 8.1?

I have other stacks that use similar tactics. All of them have the same results. The paths are all correct but the server is returning the PHP code as text and not actually processing it.

that sounds like a server config issue – or something that overrides the server config, like .htaccess

maybe dump the php env page for both v8.0 and v8.1 and diff 'em just to see if anything interesting shows up.

also check all the preview server folders for strange .htaccess files

just btw: it’s good to hear that path issues have a smaller impact. (yeah!)

…but not all news is so good: including the RW bug i posted last night to the forum, i’ve identified 3 path-related issues created by the RW v8.1 changes. i’m hoping that’s all of them.

i’m hoping to release a dev build in the next 24-48 hours.

Exactly. If you look at the response type from the different http requests, you can see that the content-type of the response is set to plain text.

RW 8.03

RW 8.1

To my knowledge, RW runs a local PHP server, not Apache. This is similar to running php -s in the terminal.

I was going to run a diff on phpinfo() next. It takes time because whenever I launch RW8.1, I have to reboot in order to launch RW 8.03. :tired_face:

I have spent way too much time trying to figure out what could have changed. I really have no clue right now. This is the only difference that I see in the server configs that I am not sure what repercussions it has…

I raise the white flag… what did you change?

Do you guys wanna give the new beta 4 a whirl to see if it fixes any of your issues:

I’ve just been running through some of my path tests.
Things are all different. Again. :sob:

Did some of the params that are delivered during the class method API calls???

Or maybe did the export method itself change? i.e.: exportAttributedString: …

I’m just trying to get my head around what actually shifted in this build.

I can tell something did because two of the so called “those must be Stacks bugs” just vanished in a puff of smoke and updates. LOL :upside_down_face:

But I can’t tell exactly what just happened. I will begin testing everything. Again. :dizzy_face:

PHP server seems to be working again! Yay! I am on High Sierra at the moment. I will test it on my Mojave machine as well.

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Bug report:

Summary: “Relative to Website Address” no longer works in preview.


  1. New project
  2. New Styled Text page
  3. In General Settings add a dummy URL.
  4. In Advanced Settings change File Links Are: setting to the last option: Relative to Website Address
  5. Preview

Expected Result: The preview should work
Actual Result: Preview mostly doesn’t work

Notes: Works fine in RW v.8.0