RW community offline

It seems that the community page is offline for quite a while:

When I try to login:

the page is still offline

Thanks for the heads-up. We have our best guys working on it!

CC @ben :wink:

don’t panic! It’s back now — was an SSL certificate renewal error.

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thanks @ben!
problems on the Addons page ( and all sub pages)

All looks fine from here, are you still getting issues?


Looks good again, seems back to normal.

My addons are still looking like this, refreshed and changed browser.

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unfortunately still the same

Yep, I can confirm that this page still looks like @Lucas

Just went to update promotions and saw this as well. Still seems to be having problems unfortunately:

It’s working for me now. Any change for the rest of you?

Still some JavaScript errors, which prevent the pages correctly.

The issues are in the Company Addons section not in the Addons Community section listings, maybe that’s the confusion.

OK — all pages are back to normal now.

This was an issue with loading insecure content (http) over a secure connection (https) — I’ve now ensured everything is being served over https.

Let me know if you see anything else that’s not working.

Now there is the “cloud flare is hosting the offline site” message again for me.

@ben – I’m greeted with this message when trying to login:

If I choose to Send anyway it just returns me to the sign-in screen.

For me, adding new versions is not working.

When going into the “add new versions” page and filling everything, pressing the “add version” button will lead to a browser pop up “do you really want to send this form”. The new version will not appear in the list of versions.

@instacks: If you logout can you login? I’ve not been able to login at all so far.

@Elixir No, after logout, I am not able to login any more.

It seems that this message you get when trying to login is the same as when you try to create a new version.