RW Image Editor

(David W McQuarrie) #1

I’m trying to use the Image editor within RW to resize. I can’t save the changes I’ve made to the images. I click done. it’s not saving the changes though. Any idea?

(Christopher Watson) #2

Probably best to resize images in an external image editor then put them back into RW.
For simple stuff I just use Preview.

(David W McQuarrie) #3

Okay - Thanks, Chris.

Will this function be addressed in RW7 ?

It’s great to have an image resize function within RW that would work. :slight_smile:


(Scott Steven) #4

Really wish they would just allow you to set the image editor in the app preferences. In my case I use pixelmator so I can right click an image edit it in pixelmator and and save it back to the project. really is a nightmare bouncing around.

(Brad Halstead) #5

Oh My… could you imagine the support requests if they tried to allow integration of third party handoff apps for code editing, image editing and FTP management… nightmare in the making I think lol Good for a future version though I concur.


(Scott Steven) #6

No just have the saved file save back to project simple a lot of apps do this. should have nothing to do with FTP or anything else

(David W McQuarrie) #7

Hello, Scott - I go through the same process. Thank God for Pixelmator!

(Brad Halstead) #8

Oh, I understand your request/desire Scott, but it wouldn’t stop there as simply linking an external image editor, then people would want an external code editor like Coda and/or their own FTP client such as Transmit… where would it end… that was my thinking :slight_smile:

To be honest, all your image editing should be done prior to building your site no?

Maybe my building/thought process is just different… likely lol