RW Plugin Defaults - where are they stored?

In Waterfall I’m storing certain information (validated emails for purchase verification) in the pluginDefaults dictionary declared in RWAbstractPlugin.h - where is this actually stored in the file system?

I have a customer seeing duplicate emails listed in his Waterfall installation (something I can’t reproduce). A restart doesn’t fix the issue, nor does deleting the plugin and restarting the Mac, and installing fresh. Removing preference files and caches also doesn’t clear this pluginDefaults data, so where is it being stored exactly?

They’re stored using NSUserDefaults.

If you’re removing the preference files, are they immediately restarting their Mac? And are they actually removing the right preferences file?


Argh, that’s so wrong that a restart is required (geez, forgot about that). Okay, doing that works, thanks Nik.