RW Stack (tool) that creates inline CSS to copy and paste

I use PHP includes on my site. Thus, I’d like to see a Stack (or other tool) that allows me to design in RW, but the code would be generated with INLINE CSS. This code could then be “grabbed” (copied) and used as my php ‘include’ snippet, complete with full paths to images, etc.

I envision a “project” with pages that are “snippets” only… generate and grab code…

I know there are ways within RW to do global content (Workmans Global Content, PlusKit, etc) but I want to be able to just grab code to use possibly in other projects, html email, etc. Just a simple html generator with inline css…


This could be possible using the macro feature in Total CMS and Easy CMS.

I’ll check that out. Thanks for the response.

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