RW will not accept the registration code

(Ben Balser) #1

I have my registration code, I know my email address, but RW keeps telling me they’re incorrect. I hit the button to Recover License, and I get the same code again. RW won’t recognize it. Tried over and over, verified all information is actually correct, over and over…

I just moved from an old Mac to a new one, and needs to get work done. Heard nothing back from Paddle or RM support yet. Again, I have clients, I have deadlines, need to get work done.

Any suggestions why my registration code and email are not working?

(NeilUK) #2

Maybe @LaPan or @Aaron could help you with this.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Did you try deactivating the license on your old Mac? If you have filled out a support ticket, I think they sent you a verification email, make sure you reply to it, or your ticket doesn’t go through.

(Brian LaPan) #4

Most registration issues can be handled easiest by emailing

(Ben Balser) #5

I did email two days ago, no reply yet.

(Ben Balser) #6

Never saw anywhere stating I had to de-authorize the app when switching computers. I de-authorized all sorts of apps, but not RW. Never saw that anywhere.

(Ben Balser) #7

Just got a new code from Realmac. Back on track, client will remain happy. Yes, some of us do have to work through the holidays…

(Aaron Marquez) #8