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Dear All,

I have a small problem with the built in Tesla Theme. On a mobile touch device the ‘scroll down’ button doesn’t work properly - it does respond to a double-tap (which would be totally non-intuitive to an end user). The ‘scroll-up’ button works beautifully and as expected. Is it a bug or is it me?



PS As an aside I’m loving RW6 and Stacks 3 - a different world to 12 months ago :smile:

Could you be more specific than “mobile touch device”? What device, OS etc?

Hi Nik, thanks for responding. It’s an Ipad (landscape) - latest OS. The scroll down arrow is white circle with black down arrow - it requires a double tap to activate. The scroll up arrow is a dark circle with white arrow, which works as expected with a single touch



I have the same problem, well not really. My down arrow doesn’t even respond to a double tap. Single or double, nothing happens. The up button works fine. I’m on my iPad mini with iOS 9.3.1 and safari web browser or google’s chrome browser for iOS.

The Tesla Pro demo on elixir’s website works fine so maybe its just a Tesla-non pro problem.

Can anyone help ? Thanks

I had the same issue. This was my first site with RW which I only discovered a couple of months back.

In fact the slide down button was buried by the menu on the iPad. Don’t know if it’s of any help but I solved it by altering the size of the titles and a mod to elixir.js. So now the sites works fine on an ipad in landscape orientation and the slide down works. I tested on an ipad air 2 with the latest ios and resizing a desktop browser.

If you try the site and it works ok on your device then this is what I did (with a duplicate copy or course)

  1. Added to the site wide css in RW to shrink the title on the smaller screen

/* Because the title interferes with the position of the down button */
@media only screen and (max-width: 1100px) {
h1#site_title {
font-size: 26px;
line-height: 30px;
letter-spacing: 0px;

h2#site_slogan {
	font-size: 16px;
	line-height: 22px;
	position: relative;
	letter-spacing: 0;


  1. Removed the iPad from this test in elixir.js on line 1386 in

~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes/.rapidweavertheme/Contents/js

if(!(/Android|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry|Windows Phone/i).test(navigator.userAgent || navigator.vendor || window.opera)){

Bit of an arbitrary hack but it seems to be working ok (well as far as I can see anyway!).

And that was it for my first post :slight_smile:


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