RW7 cannot save

What causes this and how do we stop it? Its happened many time today. Pretty annoying…

i’ve gotten this a ton too. seems like it might be related to the bug i reported about the addons folder suddenly reverting back to the default.

We’re looking into this some more…

Hey Joe,

Does anything get written to the logs when this happens?
Do you have your addons directory set to a non-default location?



Hey Joe,

Do you have and resources in and is it a portable document?


No resources. Not portable

Cheers Joe,

Has it ever had any resources or external files of any kind, even files linked to through plugins?

I’ve not had this reported by any beta testers and we have about 200+
I wonder if it’s something developer related that’s triggering it…

Anyone else seeing this?

@simon I totally missed your question. Sorry. I will look at the console next time this happens.

@tpbradley I don’t use RapidWeaver’s resources at all so this should not be the issue. It has images that have been added to Stacks. And images/assets that are linked into stacks that are added to the page.