RW8.1 Beta 3 broken on Mojave for me

I am running MacOS 10.14 (18A389)

In order to try and resolve the path issues, I installed RW8.1 beta 3. When I launch the app, nothing happens. No windows ever open, I have to force quit the app.

I tried to revert back to RW8.03 and now that does the same thing. I have tried removing my addons folder in order to remove 3rd party addons from the equation. I also tried to open with cmd-click the app and told it not to open with any 3rd party addons. Same thing. I have to force quit.

If I can’t run RW8, I can’t even attempt to work on these path issues.

I rebooted and was able to get 8.03 open again. Then I installed 8.1 via the sparkle update. That seems to be working.

I blame Mojave :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you got it sorted :+1: