RW8.1 crash reports

Its been crashing on me this afternoon. I thought that I would share a couple of the crash reports…

both crashes are the same. The info sidebar is trying to converge its auto-layout constraints. You’re running stacks at the time, so it’s likely that it’s something to do with stacks – although not 100%. Stacks doesn’t use autolayout (at least not in that view) – so if it is stacks, it’s that stacks is forcing some other view to do something weird.

my guess is that this is somehow related to the arrangement of views, split-views, windows, etc in your main RW app window. were you doing anything weird with the info-sidebar?

if nothing weird, then can you describe exactly what you were doing at the time? can you repeat this? if so, can you make a video?

i don’t usually ask for video evidence – but in this case, since it’s has to do with view re-layout – video evidence is probably the best thing.

I was updating SEO meta tags on several pages. It always crashed switching pages. I do not have a pattern in which it crashes on demand. But simply clicking between pages in the project definitely causes a crash eventually.

Here is a video…

it looks perhaps like when you start clicking fast that maybe there’s a view layout going on while the views are being removed from the window.

i’ll see if i can duplicate this one. i might ask you for some stacks to see if it has something to do with this particular stack

Getting this now that I am trying to publish the site locally. Not sure where this is coming from though.

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Couldn’t re-create this. Does this happen on all your projects?
Can you send us an example project?


the only thing i can think that has a “magnification” type setting is the simulation window. could maybe you have a saved simulation window set that’s got a garbage value in it somehow?

just a wild guess… honesty i’ve not seen this one before and nothing comes up in the stacks codebase when i search for errors with those words

Looks like its happened to another user…

@joeworkman can you try ditching the RW prefs to see if it fixes it?