RW8.1 social tag bug

There are some issues with the paths added to the meta tags.

Sample Project: - Droplr

  1. There are extra /'s added to the image path and the URL path.
  2. The Sub Page has a page path set to /sub-page. However, in the navigation, it’s a child of Page. The social tag is not creating the proper final URL to the page. It’s adding the parent page when that is not correct.

I prefer to place the full path to my pages inside the folder setting for every page. I do not rely on the page hierarchy in order to build my URLs.

While that obviously is a bug that needs to be fixed because there are really good reasons for using an absolute path in the Folder setting of a page…

Saying “I don’t trust a fundamental feature of the app and always do that same thing by hand myself even thought it’s difficult, time consuming, and error prone” is a pretty audacious thing to just toss out there without any detail or justification.

In other words: maybe you should file a bug about that.
ok ok fine – maybe you already have – in which case i apologize, you’ve done good – but, come on, i know you – you didn’t – LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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I was not trying to imply that the page hierarchy does not work. I just wanted to make sure that it was understood that I was not using that feature in order to create this bug.