rwBackup - Automated Backups

In short, rwBackup is a stand-alone app that makes it extremely easy to automatically backup any files to your offsite web server. Imagine! Not having to post on the forums - “I’ve lost everything ^&%$@!” If you don’t have automated offsite backups - check out rwBackup

Be sure to watch our intro video showcasing what rwBackup can do and if that peaks your interest, then take out the provided demo for a test backup.

rwBackup ready to protect a computer near you !

Today, rwBackup has a small but important update and v1.1.1 is ready for the RapidWeaver community.

v1.1.1 Changes:

  • Fixed duplication bug that caused scheduling error

Updates will be sent out to my customers later today :slight_smile:

Please take a look at rwBackup, as it provides automated offsite backups w/ integrated RapidWeaver support that no other solution provides.

Happy Weaving,