RWPluginSettingsViewController protocol status

Can plugins still be displayed as settings (instead of as page types) or has this feature been abandoned?

RWPluginSettingsViewController protocol is still there in RW8 RWKit headers, but it seems to work only in RW6 and RW7.

Thanks @dan @simon

That would be pretty amazing actually. I requested something similar back in the day for RW7.

Well this exists since at least RW6… I started ages ago working on a never released complete rewriting of RapidBot, but stopped after finding it quite buggy on RW side.

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Hey @gibo,

We removed this in RapidWeaver 8 because we couldn’t find a single plugin that actually used it, despite us receiving lots of requests for this functionality in the past.

If there’s still interest in having this functionality in RapidWeaver, perhaps we can look at adding it to the roadmap again. /cc @dan @tpbradley



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