RWTuts is still on the Community Site


Just letting you know that RWTuts (no longer around) is still showing up on the Community site:

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Good find! @ben can you get him removed asap :blush:

Kuler ( also gone) is still on the site as well @ben:

Thanks, I’ll get these updated now :slight_smile:

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@ben @dan,
This is still on the community site:

Kuler SQL RapidWeaver Stack | RapidWeaver Community

All Kuler addons are removed from listings, however, direct links to the addons still work. I keep those working in case of anyone getting sent an old link / looking for an add-on they have installed.

I think we should add a warning to those addons though, and remove the purchase links. I will look at doing that ASAP.


What is the benefit of a link still existing for a stack they can’t buy any longer? There’s not much value to the individual pages of the stack is defunct.