Saved text mysteriously disappearing

RapidWeaver Version: Version 6.3.8 (15165)
System Version: 10.10.1
Hardware: 13-Inch MacBook Air, 1,7 GHz Processor, 500 GB SSD Storage, 8GB Memory.


I’ve earlier been in contact with Yabdab, but they think this might be a Rapid Weaver issue.

I have experienced this problem on several occasions in my Rapid Weaver projects in Formloom 3.

It seems that whatever I write in the Head (Head / Foot) area in Formloom 3 simply disappears after some time. Suddenly there is just nothing there. It’s difficult to say exactly when this happens, but it happens for sure, once every week or two weeks. NO I am NOT deleting it myself :wink:

What could be the cause?

That exact same thing happened with myself and DateLoom 3 back pre-RW6.3.8, Developer was able to fix it at that time, may be a different issue now though… In my case, it was disappearing when opening the project file, every single time.

I am not experiencing that myself but am on OSX 10.11.4

The only other things I can think of is if you have any cache cleaning tools or disk cleaning tools installed, may be interfering with the RapidWeaver content in the Project file, or a bug in the add-on.