Say Hello to RSS Widget 2

What’s new in RSS Widget 2?

We’ve added the option to customize the feed title as well as the option to change the background color of the feed boxes. We also did some bug fixes, stability improvements and created compatibility with RW7 and Stacks 3.

**About the Stack**

The RSS Widget Stack allows you to easily display a RSS feed of your choice in a simple but powerful widget on your website. The widget itself doesn’t use any pictures and is therefore really fast and reliable regarding rendering. It refreshes every time the entered feed is being changed/edited with the new articles/items and you can also customize the Stack in many ways to your personal likings or to the style of your site theme: you can change the RSS Feed URL, the amount of articles/items that should be displayed, the font size, the width and height of the widget, the scroll speed of the items and even the colors used for the title backgrounds and texts.

The RSS Widget Stacks works fantastic with every kind of stack you use on your sites, even third party stacks from other developers are fully supported. Simply drag and drop the stack out of your Stacks library to your existing Stacks site and customize it by using the given Settings HUD on the right hand side of your screen.

This Stack is only compatible with Stacks 3, so if you’re still using Stacks 2 or even an older version of the plugin, the Stack won’t run.

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