Say Hello to the ProgressBar 2 Stack

**The ultimate solution for Progress Bars** ProgressBar 2 is the all in one solution for beautiful, lightweight and highly customisable progress and status bars in RapidWeaver.

Up to 5 different content modes
Each progress bar can be filled with up to 5 different content fields. All of them can have different amounts of percentages, colors and labels (descriptions) as you can see in our examples. But you can also choose to only have one or two content fields - it’s all up to you.

ProgressBar 2 offers a bunch of customisation options. For example you can change the margin and width of the bar, you can change the color(s) of the content field(s) as well as their amount in percentage. Each label can be customised with your own text or number(s). You can also choose between an animated or an non-animated progress bar.

The whole Stack is code based, by making use of the Bootstrap library. We didn’t make use of heavy images or GIFs which makes the Stack lightweight and also load up fast on any device.

Retina and Responsive
The Stack makes use of retina ready graphics, even the Stacks icon is made of retina pixels so it fits nicely into your Stacks library. We’ve also made the Stack responsive so it looks gorgeous on mobile devices as well.

Learn more about ProgressBar 2.