ScrollMate 2 is now released

ScrollMate 2 is released

Just about a year since I re-wrote it, ScrollMate 2 is finally available for public release.

Standout features are:

  • It now works on touch devices again (after 18months in the cold)
  • Percentage and Proportional units can be used - this is BIG!
  • ProStyles integrations with background, overlay and advanced position
  • New timings for the easing settings

See the demo site:

Get the stack (its free as always):

Download demo projects are available for both RapidWeaver 8 and 7

Check out the demo site to see what you can build with it (and hold your breath for the new RapidWeaver Central modules that are ScrollMate 2 enabled)

"Whatever you do, do not buy/use this stack! It’s highly addictive. One scroll is all you need. All those plans and good intentions you had this morning?

Forget them. You. Are. Gone.

See you in rehab."

-Marten Claridge, RapidWeaver Central.


Great stack, update, thank you very much Andrew :smiley:

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Very comprehensive update - it’s like a brand new stack with all the extra settings. The new percentage and timing settings make it so much quicker to achieve what you want and the demo project gets you off to a flying start.

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I loved ScrollMate 1 but this! … wow! v2 brings so much to the party.
I’ve already got big plans for it on my next site.


Look out for some upcoming webinars dedicated solely to learning the wonders of Scrollmate 2 and the soon-to-be-released Animate Pro. Nothing to read here about the forthcoming release of Quantum Edge, because this is not the time or place. Next week is.

Let me say this: Scrollmate 2 really is a great stack. For those unfamilar with Big White Duck stacks it may seem a little daunting at first — at least until you get a degree in Physics — but the price definitely makes the effort more than worthwhile.

Now if I was the kind of unscrupulous developer who’d hijack a competitor’s product launch simply to promote his own fantastic suite of modules launching late next week, then this would be an ideal opportunity for me to mention that my own fantastic suite of Quantum Edge modules will be hitting the shelves only moments before this month carries its corpulence over the line. Fortunately I have complete control over my scruples and will wait until my own product launch next week to trumpet the fact that my fantastic suite of modules are totally Scrollmate 2 enabled, which means that many of the most subtle effects are built-in and preconfigured.

Now please don’t confuse this comment with a sales pitch. A sales pitch would draw your attention to the government statistics that show quite clearly that my stacks are better than everyone else’s, and that buying Quantum Edge will make the full extent of Scrollmate 2’s potential so much easier to understand…

… whereas all I’m doing here is simply alerting those of you who want to make the most of Scrollmate 2’s capabilities — many of which are integrated in the fantastic suite of Quantum Edge modules available next week — that we’ll be holding a number of free webinars dedicated solely to the wonders of Scrollmate 2 and Animate Pro.

We, as in Tavernor and Claridge, Beauty and the Beast?

Yes. Absolutely.

And Animate Pro? As in the great new child stack for SectionsPro that will soon be secretly and ever so softly launched while Weavers dream of Quantum Edge?

Again, yes.

Animate Pro will give experienced SectionsPro users a great new perspective on 3D animation — and in our dedicated webinar we’ll be showing you how to use its power wisely to enhance your designs and achieve some of the effects already integrated in the fantastic suite of modules I hesitate to mention, called Quantum Edge. Which will be available soon.

In the meantime, though, have a play with Scrollmate 2 — it really is a great stack!


a true “Silver Tongue” :wink:


You should see my shopping lists… :roll_eyes:

Can’t wait - I think your Duck Soup is brilliant and taught me so much. Hopefully Quantum will be just as good and not the (to Quote Lord Denning) - “Salesman Puff”.

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I’ve seen it (through the glare of reflections from Martens forehead) and I can tell you that it is stunning.


It really is an awesome stack and makes some of the smoothest scrolling effects I’ve ever seen. Definitely a must have in your toolkit.


W. O. W. Looks awesome.
Any hint on compatibility with Foundry please?

ScrollMate will work with any theme.

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