Security gap in Stack

I got a message from my provider, that after a virus check a security gap came to light. I can’t explain why this file (rw_common/plugins/stacks/Mustache/Cache/NoopCache.php; Atomicorp.PHP.Known.Malware.010217180518.876591.UNOFFICIAL) is part of my site. I don’t know how it found its way to the website code.
I’m using jw’s foundation-theme, different stacks (so bwd’s section pro, compare and map 2 from doobox, gallery 3 from instacks and others). Is there anybody who can tell me how that file came into the site and if there is a newer safer version?

thanks for your tips, your help


Its not Malware. That is used by Foundation to send email from the form stacks.

known malware… that’s what the providers virus checker determined. I can’t judge… So, you are of the opinion that this code isn’t unsafe?

Its a part of Its a common open source library used by tens of thousands across the web.

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I can confirm. Mustache is very common library. Perhaps the most-used templating system.

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So, Joe, Bob the Cow’s mustache is to be trusted and the virus checker needs a data base correction?

This is good to know.