Seeing exported but unpublished sub-pages

(Cris Baker) #1

In RW 5.3.2, how do I see what updated and exported sub-pages look like in my web-browser when accessed from the exported on-page menu? Clicking sub-menu links all seem to go to the obsolete published page rather than the exported page.

I’ve just upgraded to Yosemite in my new MacMini from Snow Leopard in my old machine, so I’m trying to get everything working as it was previously before upgrading RapidWeaver (I can only go to RW6 because RW7 doesn’t work).

(Doug Bennett) #2

Any reason you’re going to stop at a four year old OS release?
You said new Mac mini?

(Cris Baker) #3

A very good question - why stop at Yosemite.

Yes, new MacMini Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz, which although released late 2014 is still the latest version being sold by Apple.

MacOSX is becoming more and more user-UNfriendly with every new OS release. I understand the preoccupation with security and commonality with portable devices, but it seems to be destroying the ease of use and user-friendliness for which Apple used to be so well-known. My first Mac was a Mac Plus so I’ve been using a Mac for over 30 years and since Steve Jobs passed away, things have definitely deteriorated.

A good example is the fact that my 2.6 GHz MacMini i5 is still the latest, even though it was released getting on for four years ago…

Much software no longer runs on new OS releases and I am NOT interested in wasting time to learn how to use upgraded interfaces and hot new supposedly more useable page designs. Once I know how something works why redesign the interface and waste my time relearning how to use it yet again.

For example, I use Firefox ESR because Mozilla’s decision to change the interface every six weeks took away the information in the release number and made upgrading FF a very dubious affair. Because corporations want to see if something works first before installing it, they all kicked up such a fuss that now FF has TWO update streams. The latest all-singing, all-dancing, changes-every-six-weeks version and the more user-friendly, far-better tested, less frenetic Extended Support Release…

(Rob D) #4

I lament the demise of Jobs-style Apple as much as you do. With his departure, Apple became the money-mashine run by shareholders and not by dedicated individuals like Steve.

That said, we have to face the reality, which is: we must upgrade and update if we do not want to be left behind. And when the time comes that we no longer can see the difference between Apple and Dell (for example), we go with Dell – for financial, if no other, reasons. Same thing with software.

To answer your original question – you can’t. You need to access your exported pages through MAMP server, or upload your exported site to a test area on your hosted server.

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