Setting for RapidWeaver preview port

I think that its good that RapidWeaver dynamically selects a port for its PHP preview server. However, I would love to see an option to make it a static port. And possibly define what that port is. For advanced users, this could make it easier to setup previewing from other devices.

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Was thinking more about this… The setting would have to be on a per-project basis. So if you have multiple projects open, there wouldn’t be any collisions. I really like this idea actually!!!

I would also like for it to always be running so that if I open a project and start editing it, I could have the preview server up in my browser as I am building/editing the site.

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I would like to second this idea!

Anyone else like this idea? @dan?

Chatting with @tpbradley about implementing this one… stay tuned!