Seydesign Aptenon 2.1 - Sidebar color


I updated the Aptenon theme from Seydesign. There are a lot of new parameters, but I can not find the option to color the sidebar.

I use the @import-command using PlusKit so I also tried a background color of the page I import, but that also does not work.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I do not see any option, either. You have to call Seydesign to get a CSS code to color the sidebar background…

Don’t have that theme, but looking at the live demo might want to try:

#sidebarWrapper {
  background: #0000ff;
#sidebarTitle h3 {
  color: #fff;
#sidebar {
  color: #fff;

A URL when asking for help with CSS would be helpful.


Hi Doug,

thank you.

Here are the links:

The code seems to work, but the text is exactly on the edge.
Can you tell me how to insert a padding command in the css?

Thank you°

If you are talking the sidebar padding try:

  #sidebar {
    padding-top: 2rem;
    padding-right: 2rem;
    padding-bottom: 2rem;
    padding-left: 2rem;

You can play with the values.

Hi Doug,

thank you, but don’t work in RW.

See here:

Was looking at the old URL try changing the top line

#sidebar {


#sidebarContent {

Thank you – works fine now!

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You can use extra content 9 or 10 and customizes it