Should I buy Foundation and Stack Bundle?

I’ve used Foundation and Joe’s Stack bundle for a little more than 24 hours and I am so HAPPY! I’m also so disgusted that I waited so long. I’ve wasted so much money on themes and other stacks.

If anyone else is wondering if they should fork over the $100, DO NOT HESITATE!! It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time and I’ll be steaming mad at myself for waiting so long.

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my cries for help. I’m sure I’ll have more stupid questions and I appreciate the help so very much!

KUDOS Joe and the Workman Team.


I recently purchased Foundation and the bundle plus downloaded stacks from big white duck. I have gone through a couple of Joe’s videos but I still feel daunted by Foundation. Not sure how/where to start. I really need something that can show me the different steps and ways to build a site. I’m almost thinking of hiring someone who’s familiar with Rapidweaver and Foundation to build my site for me as it becomes frustrating when I can’t get it to do what I want. I used rapidweaver to build my site with a theme a few years ago and that took me quite a while to accomplish. Not having used rapidweaver for awhile, I’m now back to the beginning on the usage of it. Not sure how to proceed. Any help/ideas would be wonderful…

Hi Makebeliefs,
You may be interested in our new Foundation Projects about to be released in a couple of days. They can help to kick start you and include documentation as well as a Starter Page designed for new users of Foundation.

I’ve just posted some videos here at Webdeersign Foundation Projects introduction videos


@makebeleafs I would also suggest signing up for Joe’s Weavers Space

as there are a TON of great Foundation users who are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have.

Oh man I want this foundation now… Do they accept PAYPAL? How easy is the learning curve I dont want to get it and then be sitting there lost. I’m pretty ok with RW. Everybody rants and raves about it. Also I am getting a new PC soon how hard would it be to transfer it. Then also what about my old sites? Do I have to rebuild all of them? I wish they’d have a “foundations” contest to win one…lol

  1. Yes Joe workman accepts PayPal
  2. Learning isn’t to bad there are lots of docs and videos + help here
  3. I hope you mean a new MAC or you will have a big problem :grin:
  4. You don’t have to do anything with old sites unless you want to. Think of foundation like a blank slate theme. You can do just about anything you can imagine with it and stacks.
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I meant Mac…lol Please NO PC for me :scream:

All Foundation with liberal use of BigWhiteDuck, JoeWorkmans and Stack4Stacks

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I’ve been using RW for years, but was initially intimidated by Foundation, which is what prompted me to start this thread. I have found that Foundation can be confusing initially, but if you’re persistent, ask questions on this Forum or Joe’s Forum, there are plenty of people to help. On some boards, when someone asks a “stupid” question, like I’ve done, the responders have a tendency to blast you. This has NOT been the case with my “stupid” questions. All have been answered, kindly and professionally, by some great people. If you decide to pull the trigger and get the Foundation Stack bundle, it will well worth the money spent. I bought it a couple of days ago and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already redesigned the law firm site and plan on re-doing all my sites. Fact is, I’m really upset with myself for waiting so long.


Yes I love this board and all the wonderful people on it! (((hugs)) to them all for being so helpful.
The Realmac forum is where it’s at!

@webdeer Looking forward to see your Foundation project. I’m planning on some “learn-new-things” time once I finish the client project I’m working on and Foundations is on my “To-Learn” list.

@eagerweaver Planning to release the first of the Projects later today. I don’t think you will be disappointed, as there certainly are quite a few “learn-new-things”. Actually seeing how something complex is created and structured, is one of the best ways to learn I think.


I agree, @webdeer. Looking forward to see your project.

The first Project is now available at I hope you like it.

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Sorry, can’t justify the $40.00.


Hey Devin (sorry, not Dave), consider the @webdeer PR1 $40 cost a training expense and time saver to learn more about Foundations and Stacks Partials if you’re new to Foundations or a seasoned veteran.


I already bought it. I’m on a fixed income due to three forms of severe arthritis so it’s hard to spend that kind of money. Just now starting to dig into it. Thx

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OK gang, I have a question about Top Bar.

I want to make Top Bar layered on top my banner image rather than it being on the top of the page with a color background. I’d like to have the menu items in white and then upon scrolling past the banner image, have the Top Bar become “sticky” and turn to a black opaque so that the white text is visible. Any suggestions? Been trying to do it for a couple days now, to no avail.

Thx in advance,

Would have to see your project file, but be sure to take a look at all of the FREE stacks by Big White Duck, I believe there are many stacks there that can help you out!

I have all of BWD’s stacks.