Simulator steals focus

I have noticed that the RW simulator steals focus while I am actively editing a page. If I tweak some settings for a stack in the right panel, the simulator will steal focus as I am tabbing between settings. This drives me nuts. Is there anyway to stop that?

Hmm, it shouldn’t be doing that, sounds like a bug to me. I’ve not noticed it here, but then I mostly use the main window preview.

Anyone else notice this bug? Steps to reproduce it will help in fixing it quicker…

  1. New RW project
  2. Add Contact Form page.
  3. Open Simulator
  4. Change settings in the settings pane (any of them)
  5. Tab to go to next setting
  6. Simulator steals focus.

Side Note: I have noticed that the simulator does not work unless you preview inside RW first.

If you figure out a good solution to this, let me know.

Stacks Edit-Mode faces this sort of thing all the time.
When the content is a form and one of the form elements has a property that causes it to auto-focus, then that form element will steal the focus from anywhere else in the app.

I’d love it if there was some way to disable autofocus until that webview was the first responder.

Right now, in Edit Mode I filter content to remove a number of things that just don’t work well in edit mode (like videos and such). But I also have some more targeted regex patterns that look for the various form element properties that steal focus and just filter them out entirely.

This is the right thing to do for Edit Mode, but seems like the wrong way to handle the simulation window.

I should add that I chose to use the Contact Form page in my steps above but the same steps work for any page type that has settings. Obviously this happens to be while using Stacks all day even when a page does not have a form. I just wanted to show the issues happens with built-in pages in order to rule out Stacks.

Okay, created a ticket for this, we’ll aim to get it fixed in RW9 as we don’t plan on doing any more RW8 releases if we can help it…

if its not too much trouble, it would be awesome to fix this in RW8. It drives me batty… :slight_smile: