Site-wide code fields don't seem to be injecting code

I’ve tested this in several themes, and have had the same result in each, as well as with a current project file and a brand new project file – If you insert code into the custom code fields in the Site-Wide settings ( the code does not get injected into the page. If you add code to the Page Specific custom code fields in the Page Inspector the code gets injected into the page where it should.

RW Version 7.0.3
Build #: 17837b

Anyone else running into this?

cc: @simon

Hey Adam,

Would you be able to send me a project and theme that demonstrate this please? You can message me directly on the forums.

I’ve just tried the following CSS in the global CSS field, and it worked as expected:



What version of RW is that? Same as the one I reported?

Strange. I can get your example to work now, which I couldn’t get something similar to work earlier. But am running into a problem with a user’s project file still. I’ll keep trying to sort it out. Must be something with their project. Sorry to waste your time.

Actually I take that back… what happens for you @simon if you turn off CSS Consolidation? Still work or is it then busted?

Still works here. Drop me a message with the project and theme and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Just messaged you with the user’s project file, theme, details, etc.