Sitelok Auto Login bug

Has anyone else received a too many redirects error when logging into Sitelok with Auto Login enabled?

I plan to file a bug report but want to see if I’m not alone first.

Brandon: I did have this problem about 3 years ago, but I can’t find what “solved” it. However, I know Adrian at Vibralogix helped out a lot.

This is likely unrelated but for a long time I put all the special Sitelok code in one snippet. For some problems that was the cause. Now I put one code snippet in the Prefix area:

$groupswithaccess="group name";

And another code snippet in the Head area for Disqus (if you use the Disqus plugin):

<?php if (function_exists('sl_disqus')) sl_disqus(); ?>

My guess is what I’m doing won’t help and you’ll need to contact Adrian.

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I just ran a test @BrandonCorlett with the latest version and worked fine here so might be something specific in your setup. Am sure Adrian can point you in the right direction.

Thanks @yuzool, I had a feeling it was my setup. I’m leaning towards thinking it may be related to using CloudFlare. I’ll hop over end shoot an email to Adrian.

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Ah… CloudFlare is often a trouble maker so good to suspect it :rofl:
See what Adrian says and good luck with the project!