Sites using sections

(Gordon McDonald) #1

Can anyone recommend a site or two using sections please - just for inspiration in its use?
Many thanks

(Paul Russam) #2

Here you go:

(Jochen Abitz) #3

Gallery usage of sections:


(Gary) #4

Everything I do uses Sections. Sometimes Sections inside Sections inside Sections.

Have a look at and the Templates at and also Projects at

(Gordon McDonald) #5

Many thanks gentlemen - plenty to go at there.
One quick follow-up question and then I can start work.
What size and resolution would you make a full screen background image please?
I’m assuming .jpeg images would suffice.

(Paul Russam) #6

Somewhere between 1400 and 2000px across, pick a couple of your images and do some tests to measure quality/size.
have a look at xnconvert it’s very good at batch resizing images.

(Gordon McDonald) #7

Many thanks Paul.
That lot will keep me busy for a week or two.
All the best


(Graham Jackson) #8

20 seconds to load and 30 seconds to load the employability sites. I wonder what the problems are Paul?

(Jason Bostick) #9

Both loaded in a couple of seconds for me.