Slideshow pages crashing in IOS10

Hi all,

Since upgrading to IOS10 on my iPhone 6s plus, my image galleries crash when tapping on thumbnails to launch slideshow. Page example:

Crashes with:
Safari (error: “A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded”).
Chrome (error: “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this web page”).
With Opera it doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t happen with IOS9+ or on Samsung Galaxy etc but does happen other IOS10 iPhones I’ve tried.
My gallery pages are made with Nick Cates Design Forward theme and Photo stack.

Weird stuff, is it happening with anyone else out there?


Try to talk to @nickcates about it. He might have a solution for this.

Hi Jan,

I’ve sent him an email the other day regarding this but he hasn’t replied yet.

Hey Craig,

I’ve now finally responded to your email, please forgive the delay!

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Hi Nick,

Thanks, I’ve replied to your email.

Hi Craig,

I’ve been having this same issue, what did you find out from Nick?



Hi Billy,

Yes I talked to Nick Cates about this, but so far he can’t do anything about it. Everything was fine until the update to IOS10+ and still everything is fine with other devices that are still on IOS9+ - every time. Samsung phones and tablets still don’t have this problem.

I’ve now updated to IOS10.1 - (sigh) and it still crashes. :disappointed:

Nick is right about this being an Apple issue, but he will still have to work on a fix and update soon-ish, since this is one of his best stacks - I love it - visually and ergonomically and I’m guessing a lot of people have purchased it.


Thanks for letting me know Craig.

It’s been driving me crazy. Very random and actually happening on some of the other RW image galleries I’m using.


Just to chime in, when we’re all held at the mercy of an intermittant iOS bug introduced by an Apple version change, it’s incredibly hard to understand the cause and solution. The best advice I can give, try lowering the image filesizes, try lowering the image dimensions, try lowering the image count, and see what impact each change makes.

If anyone has detailed steps on how to reproduce this bug using Photo, I’ll glad try to follow your steps to find the bug, and look for a solution. But if I can’t reproduce it, my hands are tied unfortunately. For bug details, please send to - thanks.

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G’day Nick,

I totally get what you are saying mate. We work hard to develop software and get our sites right, then Apple reinvents stuff via updates and we get problems. We are now on 10.1.1 and the problem is still there but not as much.

Like I said earlier it doesn’t happen at all with Opera and an browser called ‘Dolphin’ on the same phone, same IOS. Are these apps programmed differently to Safari and Chrome?

Also, I’ve had smaller images, lower image count, different file sizes and still no fix.
A page with only a few images will work now but not in a few minutes or even next browsing session.
I’ve even tried remaking the pages totally from scratch . . . add image, upload, check, repeat until I get a crash.

Keep in mind it never crashes loading the pages, only when going to Lightbox from thumbnail.

Anyway I’m focussing on desktop and laptop since my work needs a bigger screen. For now it mostly works on the iPhones, this problem will work itself out in due time.


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I’m having the same problem on an iPhone 6S running iOS 10.3.1. Our site uses Nick Cates IRIS theme and included IRIS gallery. Photography is our focus. I just noticed this in the last 2 weeks, but may have been going on longer.

Happens in Safari and Chrome.

I can also confirm that it does NOT happen in the Dolphin browser. I also tried connecting to the test page I made through 1Password. It worked perfectly.

On the phone, I cleared the history and web data, swiped all preloaded app pages up and away and restarted. The gallery worked okay in Safari for a while, then the problem returned but not quite as consistently.

Not all galleries have the problem. In one that ran well, I made a duplicate, then copied all the images, then pasted them in again, doubling the number of images. The problem appeared immediately. So, either the number of images or the total size, or something along those lines would seem to be at least a factor. Of course, it was not an issue before the iOS updates. Not sure what we will do. Statistics indicate a sizable number of people visit our galleries on iPhones, so we have to do something.

If anyone has come up with a solution, would be happy to know.

A link to the page will be useful for people who want to help…


Thank you for replying.

Here is the link to the test page I made:

Note: the error occurs when using an iPhone with iOS 10.3.1 using Safari or Chrome. The desktop version seems to have no problem

I made this from this page, which was not returning an error. The test page is the same except I double the number of images by copying the original images and pasting them in again. After that, it returned the error, “A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded” most everytime the slide show was launched. The slide show is launched by clicking on any image.

Several of the other galleries on our site have the issue and some do not seem to.

Note: In case it is not obvious, I am an amateur as far as website construction goes. I do this site for our photography business.

And here I have done the opposite. This is a test version of a gallery that is currently giving the above-mentioned error message but with many of the images removed:

It now works fine.

The original gallery for comparison.

As suggested earlier in this thread, having less, and perhaps smaller images does seem to stop the error message and the slide show then works as it should.

Although less than ideal, if no other solution is forthcoming, this may be how I deal with this now. I could add a link to view more images I suppose.

Another things I just noticed: the error occurs when in portrait view (holding the iPhone portrait view) but NOT in landscape mode. [edited to add: or at least not as much]