Smaller from

has anyone used Smaller from and seen any improvement on speed on RW sites.
i ran it on a couple of sites today, i couldnt actually see any difference in the weight of the site - i.e the folder was the same size before as it was after.

RapidWeaver by default minifies the scripts/resources used, and so do many themes/plugins. This is probably why there isn’t much difference in the weight.

I’d recommend listening to the 4th episode of the RapidWeaver podcast - the topic is about page speed:

Lots of great tips and tricks!

Hi Aaron
Great thanks for point me in that direction.
I have never listened to the show before - some great information there.
I went and purchased bricks 2 just from listening - i was looking for that solution.
I use imageOptim, its great
I would suggest (there is probably a reason why you do this) that you set the links to open up on a second page. I was listening and wanted to open something whilst skimming and listening and it opened on the same page.