Sneak Peek at Developer Preview 2

Something new for the next developer preview…

  1. New OS X-native sidebar font weights
  2. Select All (Pages / Resources) with Cmd + A, select entire sidebar with Cmd + Shift + A
  3. Multiple-page selection drag and drop to arrange pages.


Nice. If you now introduce Cmd - C / V for copy / past on pages, I am happy :wink:

This is “Duplicate”. We don’t support Copy Paste. Through we’ll see what we can do.

Yeah, I know. I just catch myself always pressing Cmd C / V for duplicating a page…

@nikf - I’ve been out of commission for the last week … Is there a Developer Preview 2 yet?

Not yet - we’re just wrapping it up. Expect it Monday - we’re just making sure as many loose ends are tidied up so that the Banner Image stuff works as expected.