Social tags not working correctly

I’ve had issues with social tags when they were first issued, but now another problem seems to occur.

I use AddThis on my site, and it has been pulling in an image from a hidden div. I’ve removed this, but I now get an error that says “The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id” in FB debugger, and no image shows. This is despite my having fully-populated the social tags (including an image).

Has anyone managed to get the social tags feature to simply just work?!

The site in question is

To my knowledge, the built-in social tags work perfectly well with the latest releases of RW8.

There seems to be a problem with the image file: “
You can’t get to it with the browser. I would go to the server and delete that image and then republish all files (or just manually republish the single image with an FTP app).

Since I can’t get to the image, I like FaceBook can’t tell you what’s wrong with it. I would double-check the image for size etc.

The fb:app_id message you will always get unless you have a facebook appID (most website don’t) and put the proper meta tag in the head section. It’s just a warning message.

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