Solved:- Easy Peasy question for someone

Hi all, i just cant get my head round this little task i have set myself.

The home page of a site that is under construction, i need to link it to another site,
This other site has a link to this new site, so when a visitor to the new site, would like to return to the first site they only need click on the Home Page to return to it.

I know it only needs some HTML stuff put on either side of the “Home Page” button, but i am dammed if i can find out what it is !.

Can one of you chaps (or ladies) come to my rescue Please. Thanks


In the javascript section of the page inspector of the home page under construction add this :

window.location = "";

Pointing where ever you want them to go. So if any one visits that under construction page they will be bounced straight to where ever you set the as the url.

Then you lost me. I’m not clear about the other site.

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Can you please set some name to those sites in comment? I mean site A, site B, site C…

I am sorry to say but I’m a little confused with your post.

< a href=“” >Home Page< /a > (added a few spaces)
Sorry chaps, i realised how dammed stupid i was with that question, firstly i cant believe i was being so dammed LAZY to ask the question in the first place.
secondly i didnt explain myself very well as usual.
I only needed to Google “HTML WEB LINK” and i soon found the answer.

Sorry i wasted your valuable time.

Sorry @Doobox i didnt give anywhere enough information, sorry for wasting your time.


@Tomal Sorry Tomal for wasting your valuable time as well.