SOLVED - Foundation styles for element colors applied to Cookie Manager

Can anyone help with how to call the colors for elements for the button classes in @willwood 's Cookie Manager using Foundation? @joeworkman

thanks, Lisa

The button styles for Cookie Manager are controlled by the Cookie Manage stack, not Foundation.

I styled some the other day for a client.

You can enter a button class in Cookie Manager and style it using CSS.

Yes, I know it’s CSS, that is what I am asking for, to match what I have in Foundation. According to Will, it’s controlled by the theme. In this case, my theme is Foundation.

Try putting “button” in the Cookie Manager button classes part.

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Neil, so that got me my primary color, thanks… how do I get the “success” and “alert” colors?

According to their website you want to be using classes like success button

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Try “alert button”, “success button” etc

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Yes, thanks to you both. I was searching and couldn’t find the answer on the foundation website :slight_smile:

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This is the equivalent button classes for themes that are using Bootstrap 4:

As I explained in the email earlier, the idea of using these button classes instead of providing style settings is to enable you to have buttons that match the same style of buttons you might already be using elsewhere on your website; like a search button or a submit button on a contact form. Keeping the button styling uniform and consistent across a website makes for a more profession design, in my opinion. It also means that if the button styling changes, these buttons will update too.

I may look at adding the option to place certain button stacks within CookieManager, so you can create your own button styles. But there are some technical hurdles to overcome first.

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thanks, Will. I just wanted to keep things simple and avoid Bootstrap.

Lisa, have a look here:

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Thanks, Scott. Wasn’t sure what I needed from there, but it was more simple than I even thought :slight_smile:

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