Some more PulseCMS questions

Hi all, i have a few questions about PulseCMS.

I do hope this is the correct place to post these kind of questions, but you must remember i am still messing about with the Gallery Pages from the Demo

on this page there are several JPG files, i havent yet figured out which page these Pictures are displayed on ?

on this page there are also several JPG files, these are Pictures that ARE actually displayed on the Gallery Web Page, BUT why is there so much difference in how they are displayed ? when compared with the previous screenshot ?, afterall they are all .JPG’s

Lower down the page above, there are some Editable “Embed Tags”, please how can i find out how important these are to the finished Gallery.

And if i would like to use Photo Gallery 3, maybe i have to start by editing these Tags ?, if so, what do i have to type in, in place of what is already there ?

{{gal:gallery-1}} and {{slide:gallery-1}}

PS. i made a slight Boo Boo, of course i am already using Photo Gallery 3, so perhaps those tags above are simply to tell Pulse which folder the pictures are in ?


Hi Tim,

the tag you see there has to be entered here:


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@instacks thanks buddy, so that is simply the folder name :slight_smile:


this is totally unrelated but here goes: janis rondorf aka @instacks is one of the most helpful guys and developers in all of the rapidweaver community. he guided me through some hickups i had with pulse like a father with his slightly retarded (or “otherwise talented” as our american friends have to say these days!) son.
thanks very much janis!


@tnittner and @instacks " And so say all of us "


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