Square.com Plug-in request

Greetings! Would love for someone to develop a square.com plug-in or stack.

Scroll down to API info…


Bump! Are there any takers for this?

I’d love that, too - but can’t help in terms of development :frowning:

Ok. Will check.

Could you elaborate your use case, products, etc. a bit?

Restaurant. For example http://monarkcafe.com this simply uses Square.com templates. We would like the theme to use much less real-estate. We have talked to no avail with Square. Everything is so big that for a restaurant–a user has to scroll forever to find something.

Are you able to be a bit more concrete?

For example:

  1. the option to remove images altogether.
  2. variable size images
  3. thumbnail images

Just something to removes/minimize the amount of scrolling a user needs to do.

The more a visitor has to look at or for a product the less likely a visitor is to stay on the page and order. We need the modifiers obviously but they should be implemented in a very quick, concise and simple way.

At the end, you just need a button to trigger the purchase dialog. Everything else like images you could do by yourself, couldn’t you?

I think you would find a lot of takers on a stack/plugin that would work with the square api. Rapidcart gave hints they were going to do this last summer. No idea where or if they even post anymore to find out progress.


I would think it depends on how the stack/plug-in is implemented. Whatever we as a user add we cannot break the API or square will not process properly. Remember, a shopping cart that requires more than one or two steps to check out is a failure before it starts. If a visitor has to jump through too many hoops to get the order/payment submitted they will simply abandon the process.

The best shopping cart I have ever seen is this one. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/viewcart.cfm

It all works with one window and simple accordions to complete the task.

That’s a matter how the provider implemented the checkout. As example, have a look how Paddle checkout works:
Press on the shop button, best on desktop.

Will check next week the square API.