Squash 3 - option to save to original location is gone

One of the features I liked in the previous version of Squash was the ability to automatically save to the original location. This has been removed from Squash 3, I think.

For simple resizing jobs, this introduces a needless extra step and the whole thing takes more time. This problem is even more pronounced when trying to resize a bunch of images each in different subfolders. Previously you could drag the top level folder in - one step. With version 3, in order to preserve the file locations you have to do each sub folder one by one.

Please can you reintroduce this feature?


Ah yeah, I can see that. I’ll add it to the to-do list and see what we can do!

Would also love to see this back.

Is it possible to save frequently used parameters as an “action”.

when you need to use it, just execute it.

You can use the “presets” feature to save a set of parameters for use later.

Here’s a video showing how to use the Presets feature:

Hope that helps!


It can be really nice to have a “relative” option. Example :
“Same location of the image file… IN the “XXXXXX” folder (folder will be created if it doesn’t exists)”.
"One level up the image location… IN the “YYYYY” folder (folder will be created if it doesn’t exists) "

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