Squash 3 Slow as molasses in Big Sur

Unsure why, but the second I add a png with alpha to the watermark section, and attempt to do ANYTHING with it (adjust offset, opacity, color etc) I get spinning beach balls that take anywhere from 5-20 seconds to go away (On a dual hex cure 3.46 / Radeon RX580 / 96gb ram).

Both the images and watermark PNG’s are on a NAS, but even when copied local to the desktop (thus putting them on an SSD) the same thing happens.

It’s so slow I can’t accurately set the location offset / opacity as you drag a slider and 15-20 seconds later the value updates. At this point watermarking is unusable. I did not see this behavior before trying to use a watermark.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. Is it fast when you try it with jpg’s?

Could you send us one of your PNG’s so we contest it here? Send it over to: dan@realmacsoftware.com and link to this thread (so I know what it’s regarding).

We’ll get to the bottom of this!


Watermark sent. However between the time of posting and now the issue has vaporized (i.e. I can fiddle with the watermark settings and now spinning beach balls, and the weird thing is nothing has changed. No apps opened or closed, all the same files open.

Also during the problem, the CPU & GPU utilization was minimal, not even over 15% cpu according to activity monitor and Istat Menus, and GPU was also next to nothing. GPU memory near max, but it always shows that as I have 3 4K monitors up (all running in 2560x1440.

OS Version 11.2.3 (and it’s intentionally parked there to preclude problems with OpenCore on the 5,1 tower).

Tried to use it again today. No stop crashes the second I try to preview a process. The gallery of image thumbnails appears to work on drag and drop but the second I attempt to go into preview / edit mode it crashes, even on the sample image.

This is getting really untenable. I just need to to resize some photos down to thumbnails and I can’t even get it to do that.

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