Squash 3 unreliable (resolved)

This was brought up before but I am having troubles with import and with drag and drop. I get that warning sign and even quitting and then opening I can’t get it to work. I have updated my operating system, and have the current version of Squash. Its, unfortunately, a very unreliable program. When it works its fabulous. But outside of deleting the program and reinstalling it, I can’t get it to remain stable. I’ve had to bring my photos into Affinity Photo or Photoshop to resize and while functional not as convenient as Squash.

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope we can get it resolved for you. It really shouldn’t be unreliable!

Can you let us know what version of Squash and macOS you’re using?

Squash 3; macOS 12.4.

I rebooted my machine and Squash is working. No other program was giving me problems but I can’t rule out that the my system may be the issue. I did notice before the reboot that my image previews were icons rather than thumbnails. They are now back as thumbnails. What would you need to see if and when Squash fails again?

Glad to hear it’s working again. Probably just the system getting confused!

Still having problems. How do I make the system less ‘confused’? I can’t keep rebooting every time it stops.

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I am having the same issue. I am using the 12.4 and Squash 3. I have uninstalled everything, even the hidden files and reinstalled. Same issue. The only thing I noticed is that my renewal is up less than a month ago. It won’t even allow me to use the sample photo option.

This is an issue. Check this forum: Squash 3 sometimes doesn't open load my image files. | RapidWeaver Community

This is NOT resolved. I lost Squash 3 function again. Occurred before I lost icon preview. Tried relaunching Finder. No joy. Will have to go activity monitor to force quit finder and activate icon preview. I don’t know what triggers this behavior but it seems to only affect Squash functioning (and finder aesthetics).

It’s a Finder issue, and we’re looking at adding a workaround in the next release of Squash. Hang on there!

See our response here: