Squash 3 Update - Presets and more!

If you’re using Squash 3, you might want to check for an update as we’ve just posted a hefty new release.

I’ll post a video tomorrow going over the changes (I had recorded one, but Screenflow 10 seems to offset the colours when recording, back to Screenflow 9 I go).

Anyway, here’s the new features:

Killer Feature!

We’ve added presets so you can save your most used settings. You’ll then be able to export directly from the grid with different presets, or export all images from the preset sidebar.

Also new

  • Added context menu to grid items for exporting images
  • Finder’s Open With menu now lists Squash
  • Before / after filenames shown in the editor
  • More powerful renaming options
  • Option to overwrite exported files


  • JPEG files are now saved with a jpg extension
  • Right click export processes the selected image

If you’ve not yet got access to Squash 3, don’t panic. We’ll be hopefully opening up access, later in the week :slight_smile:

Sign-up here to get Squash 3 sooner :wink:


Here’s the video showing off how to use Presets and the new renaming options.



Well done! Thanks for adding the presets

You’re welcome, and there’s much more to come :wink:

It would be nice also to be able to adjust the size of the previews, perhaps setting the number of columns in the grid.

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Looks brilliant Dan. I don’t suppose there will ever be a version which works with OS10.14 but I have to ask as I am stuck in 32 BIT mode for the foreseeable future.

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Hey @Drew,
Unfortunately not, it’s going to be Big Sur or newer from here on out. This is mainly due to the fact it’s written in Swift using Apples newer API’s so we can’t make it work with older systems. Sorry.

Will this be the case for RapidWeaver as well?

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Probably not, we’ll try and maintain compatibility going back a few systems. It’s not going to support all the way back to 10.12 (as RW8 does) though :blush:

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Quick not on the website. Squash is spelled Sqush. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just checked and it looks fine to me :wink:

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