Squash doesn't compress Affinity Photo files

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If Squash can work with .psd files why not .afphoto files? Affinty Photo, RW, Squash, all made for Mac, why no compatibility?

Yours in frustration.


(Aaron Marquez) #2

Hi Steve,

I love Affinity Designer - my personal go to design tool.

This is a bit complicated as these are layered files with configurations and settings. It’s the equivalent of a “package” with a bunch of components. We wouldn’t know how to compress without corrupting the different options (meaning your photo could look different).

Now, Squash can definitely compress the exported JPG/PNG files.

(Steve) #3

Thanks Aaron, I can understand what you’re saying, but it’s still frustrating as you can’t batch export in Affinity. [quote=“Aaron, post:2, topic:21857”]
Now, Squash can definitely compress the exported JPG/PNG files.
So how much deterioration in quality would that entail with an exported .jpeg? I need good, crisp images of my sculptures.

(Aaron Marquez) #4

Squash is built to be as lossless as possible, but it all depends on the image compression level settings you choose.

I found this on batch exporting in Affinity Photo:

I was initially thinking you were referring to Affinity Designer, my apologies.

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Thanks Aaron.

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