Squash doesn't compress Affinity Photo files

If Squash can work with .psd files why not .afphoto files? Affinty Photo, RW, Squash, all made for Mac, why no compatibility?

Yours in frustration.


Hi Steve,

I love Affinity Designer - my personal go to design tool.

This is a bit complicated as these are layered files with configurations and settings. It’s the equivalent of a “package” with a bunch of components. We wouldn’t know how to compress without corrupting the different options (meaning your photo could look different).

Now, Squash can definitely compress the exported JPG/PNG files.

Thanks Aaron, I can understand what you’re saying, but it’s still frustrating as you can’t batch export in Affinity. [quote=“Aaron, post:2, topic:21857”]
Now, Squash can definitely compress the exported JPG/PNG files.
So how much deterioration in quality would that entail with an exported .jpeg? I need good, crisp images of my sculptures.

Squash is built to be as lossless as possible, but it all depends on the image compression level settings you choose.

I found this on batch exporting in Affinity Photo:

I was initially thinking you were referring to Affinity Designer, my apologies.

Thanks Aaron.

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