Squash Feature Requests

  1. Add a preference to open the app to the main window. I don’t want to see the browse window—I want the main UI to show up when I open Squash, so I can dive right in.
  2. Have Squash remember the size of the main window.
    (this seems to be working with Version 3.0—741)
  3. Add a preference to automatically open the editor (as the default view, when you have only one image loaded).
  4. Add a preference to make presets a list without an image.
  5. Add a preference to remember the last loaded images.

By “main window” I mean:

Thanks for the feedback, that’s a lot of good suggestions :+1:


More feature requests if you don’t mind:

  1. Shadow and/or outline on watermark text. Opacity could work on all 3 colors at once (text color, outline color, shadow color) or could be independent for each color.

The reason for this is contrast, especially in batch processing. White text on a light or white background will not show up well. But having an outline or dark shadow will allow the letter shapes to be seen. Same thing in reverse for black text with white outline and/or shadow.

  1. Watermark logos would be nice to have. User provides an image in PNG format, they can be sized and positioned, and the opacity set. Note that the size and position should always be relative to the final squashed photo output size, of course.

  2. For the existing Text watermark, can the Text field be longer? It just fits if I enter “©2021 Patrick Murphy”. But anything longer like “All rights reserved.” scrolls off. I even suggest making this a multi-line text field so I could put in multiple lines like:

©2021 Patrick Murphy
All rights reserved
Contact 321-123-1234 to license

  1. I like how under PNG’s “Algorithm” choices there is small gray type explaining the algorithm. Can you do this for JPEG’s “Progressive” slider, to explain this? I remember Progressive vs. sequential from 1997 but I thought it was no longer used that much. It would be nice to have small gray type explaining and recommending if it is still a thing.

  2. For metadata it would be nice to have a bit more granularity of what to preserve or what to remove.

  3. This is really picky but I would like to be able to enter or change some metadata, particularly IPTC Title and IPTC Caption as these are commonly used in online photo albums.

  4. Can you make the older Squash “squish squish ding” sound an option? I loved it, even though it made the squashing take longer.

  5. And in general, I want to say I loved the old Squash, in part because of the animations and sound. I use a LOT of graphics programs but for simple standalone resizing only used Squash. So S3 will make me even happier, thank you!!


I’m all for this, as long as the user can turn them on or off in preferences.

Excellent suggestions, we’ll get some of these added as soon as we can :+1:

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REQUEST: add/edit Metadata for WebP and AVIF please.

@squashuser Adding and Editing of metadata should be in the next release. We’re already half way though adding that feature :wink:


That is great news Dan thank you. Particularly interested in GPS meta for webp and avif thanks.

Squash 3 definitely moving in the right direction to become a powerful tool for batch editing of images. It would be a huge milestone if you add the ability to ‘TRIM’ similar to how Adobe Photoshop executes this command:

“The Trim command crops an image by removing unwanted image data in different ways than the Crop command. You can crop an image by trimming surrounding transparent pixels, or background pixels of the color you specify.”


I would like to be able to turn compression completely off. Sometimes the images are already what I want, but I want to (batch) add the watermark without compressing the image at all. This is different than setting to 100% quality.

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And I second the motion to add adjustable shadows to the watermarks. As it is now, batch processing with watermarks doesn’t work, as there will not be proper contrast in some of the images for the watermarks to show in the processed image.

Great feedback, we’ll see what we can do.

Re: legibility, we did add the option to add a background to the watermarks, like this:


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Dan: That works. Thanks!

Bug Report: When I click to save a new preset, the button text is not visible. See attached screen shot. Using Squash version 3.0 on Big Sur 11.15.1

Squash Bug Report

Hmm, I’ve just tried that here on the same system and can’t reproduce it… Anyone else seeing that?

CleanShot 2021-08-13 at 12.23.09@2x

Dan: here is a QuickTime movie showing what I see.

(Attachment Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 10.11.07 AM.mov is missing)

Oops. QuickTime movie rejected. @dan how can I share this 15 sec QuickTime movie with you?

The easiest way to post anything to large, put it on any cloud service that allows you to share (OneDrive, Sync, Dropbox, etc etc) and post a link to what you want to share.

Thanks, @teefers. @dan try this DropBox link:

First thanks for the v3 it’s a really nice upgrade !
Here in bold few suggestions to make it even better :slight_smile:

I really love the presets but yes it will be great to have a setting to turn off the thumbnails presets.

I would also like to see a better algorithm for png (I know that they are super-slow to process) but with the two offered know I only achieve bigger images haha.

It will be nice also to be able to use images as watermark (maybe just .svg to start as they are easier to scale…)