Squash for Mac - NEW BETA!

Hey Guys,

We released a new beta for Squash today, some of you may have updated using the in-app updater. If you haven’t you can download it directly from here:


Things are progressing well, we still have a fair bit to-do, but take it for a spin and tell us what we’re missing.

P.S. Would anyone find this useful on iOS?


Happy Squashing :laughing:

Downloaded from your link, Threw about a dozen random jpg files at it and it tells me the same every time :

I just tried the same as @Doobox and it worked as expected for me.

I managed to find a few that it will squash, So it’s not entirely broken. But as an example, One image it says can’t be squashed any more, JPEG Mini can reduce considerably. I can’t have already compressed these images, as JPEG Mini will not let me compress them again if I had. That’s what I use for all JPG’s currently.

We show that message if we can’t make it any smaller, perhaps you’ve already compressed them with something.

Try changing the settings in the Preferences.