Squash : How to Squash images by just the right amount?

Have just bought Squash: Excellent. I use lots of images, and I need them to be of optimal quality for my website.

• Squash has an easy to use sliding scale 0-100%. But how do I determine what % to use? Is it a case of trial and error?

• DPI: I understand that PC screens aren’t 300dpi, so a web image need only be 72dpi (I believe?). Does Squash reduce the dpi of images or should I do that myself before I drop images into Squash?

• Does the suffix ‘-squashed’ bring anything to my SEO?

• What does ‘Remove Jpeg Metadata’ mean and achieve?


search the forums here for info… Here’s one and I remember that someone (I think @Will Woodgate) had some excellent info about images on mobile devices and auto resolution changes???. Perhaps someone remembers that thread…

UPDATE - Perhaps it was Isaiah… See this:

this, from the thread linked here… struck me…

if you are using Stacks you an drop a 1600x1600 px image in to your layout. double click to edit and scale it down by 50% to 800x800

Stacks will export the 800x800 image. plus the 1600px image too. and it will write out the crazy CSS and HTML that’s required to make the images resize and swap resolutions and all that good stuff.

Give it a try. It’s pretty neato, although i might be slightly biased since I wrote that bit myself.

And here’s the thread:

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